BLM proposes to sell 1820 acres of Land

Published under Public Lands on 08/03/2014

The St George Field Office is asking for a BLM proposal to do cultural surveys on land they want to sell. The parcels include: l,087 acres south end of Sand Hollow reservoir , Long Valley 616 acres, Leeds 413 acres, Brigham Road .14 acre. Toquerville 320 acres.   The proceeds from the sale of these parcels will be used to buy Continue Reading »

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Zion National Park Brings in $147 million

Published under Public Lands on 07/23/2014

Zion National Park  is the state’s most popular park. Tourism is an important economic driverfor our area. We should make sure the park’s values that draw people here to see it are protected.

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2014 GO Day

Published under Public Lands on 07/01/2014

GO Day at Tuacahn Every year we participate in Get Outdoor Day at Tuacahn. Part of the National Get Outdoor campaign, it aims to get kids outside. This year had everything from a Leave No Trace bean bag game to the Bryce Canyon sky lab. This year we brought along a selection of artifacts so kids could learn about cultural Continue Reading »

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National Conservation Lands – What are they?

Published under Public Lands on 06/25/2014

Start of National Conservation Lands In 1993, Bruce Babbitt starting thinking about legacy. But not his legacy, the legacy of BLM (read his own words). It’s an agency known by monikers like Bureau of Livestock & Mines even though BLM manages some of the most spectacular Wilderness (Hello The Wave!), recreational opportunities, and wildlife habitat in the American West. So Continue Reading »

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Lake Powell & Hydropower

Published under Lake Powell Pipeline on 06/18/2014

Recently, our executive director got the chance to sit down with KUTV and talk about the minimum power pool levels of Lake Powell. Sound really boring? Well, the hydropower from Glen Canyon Dam provides electricity for some 6 million people! While there’s been a huge amount of snowpack this year, longer term simulations are showing Lake Powell reaching minimum pool Continue Reading »

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Western Resource Advocates Local Waters Alternative

Published under Uncategorized on 02/11/2014

WRA Local Waters Alternative LPP

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Water: Study Facts Avoid Debt – Links to WRA Local Waters Alternative and Economists Letter

Published under Uncategorized on 07/29/2013

Please review the following documents referenced by Raymond Keuhne in his July 31st article. LPP economists letter repayment Western Resource Advocates Local Waters Alternative

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Member Survey

Published under Uncategorized on 05/28/2013

Please take a moment and complete this brief survey on Citizens for Dixie’s Future.

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Utah’s Land Grab Ripoff

Published under Uncategorized on 04/08/2013

Please read and share this excellent piece on Utah’s Federal Lands. Mr. Van Dam challenges the state to get serious about funding education and stop using Federal Lands as a scapegoat. Van Dam: Utah’s land grab ripoff | The Salt Lake Tribune

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New Report Shows No Need for Lake Powell Pipeline

Published under Uncategorized on 03/20/2013

Western Resource Advocates released their Local Waters Alternative to the Lake Powell Pipeline this week. This report shows that with just 1% annual conservation, Washington County could entirely eliminate the need for the Lake Powell Pipeline and save MILLIONS of dollars. Read the Executive Summary HERE, or view the entire

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