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Water Sustainability Workshop

Published under Water Conservation on 10/06/2014

Water WorkshopA Comprehensive Approach to Achieving Water and Financial Sustainability in Washington County The reports, the powerpoint and the video from the event are posted on our web page at  Water Workshop Resources. Agenda Tom Ash resume Read More information. about the event. The workshop was made possible with funding from a grant from Patagonia, a sportswear company.

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Time to get serious about water conservation

Published under Lake Powell Pipeline,Water Conservation on 12/10/2012

The Bureau of Reclamation is expected to release their report on Colorado River Supply and Climate Change this week. One of the most outrageous proposals to deal with future water demands is to pipe water from the Missouri River to Denver. Jason Bane of Western Resource Advocates, a conservation organization based in Boulder, Colo.,described the Missouri pipeline option as “fundamentally Continue Reading »

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NPR on the Diminishing Colorado River

Published under Lake Powell Pipeline,Uncategorized,Water Conservation on 07/01/2012

Listen to this story by NPR on the realities of the Colorado River as a future water supply. Click Here.

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Washington County Water District Lobbyists Working to Give Utah Water to Nevada

Published under Uncategorized,Water Conservation on 03/16/2012

In a blatant conflict of interest, Washington County Water District Lobbyists, the Finlinsons, are fighting for the Lake Powell Pipeline, and at the same time pushing for Utah to give water away to Nevada. What is really happening behind the scenes? Is Utah really running out of water or are we giving it away to justify a multi-billion dollar pipeline? Continue Reading »

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