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We changed our name to Conserve Southwest Utah

Published under Uncategorized on 08/29/2016

We changed our name to reflect more of what we are working on.

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Lake Powell Pipeline Studies Released for Comment

Published under Lake Powell Pipeline,Uncategorized on 12/09/2015

CLICK Here:Preliminary Licensing ProposalLake Powell Pipeline draft Study Reports 12-1-2015 The Governor released his budget and policy recommendation on water: “Out of respect to the taxpayer, it is recommended that the State of Utah only allocate very scarce General Fund resources to financing major water projects after all other alternatives are exhausted (similar to how other budget requests are treated) Continue Reading »

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RMP Comments extended to November 16, 2015

Published under Public Lands,Uncategorized on 10/06/2015

CLICK HERE FOR RMP Comment Letter The Issues The Alternatives Help Save the NCAs Comment period extended as debate rages over Red Cliffs, Beaver Dam Wash< BLM’s Frequently Asked Questions on RMP:   Click Here:RMP Response by Issue Click Here: House Bill HB 232 scenic byways 2016 Ray Kuehne’s paper on Kuehne, Ownership of Public Lands

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Hatch Bill Forces Highway

Published under Uncategorized on 07/28/2015

Hatch Bill Forces Highway  PRESS RELEASE Senator Hatch introduced Senate Bill S. 1783 to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee July 15th at the request of the Washington County Commission. The bill would change critical provisions in the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, the act that preserves, protects and restores sensitive and scenic public lands, including the Continue Reading »

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Water Audit

Published under Uncategorized on 05/19/2015

The  Audit Report researched the Division of Water Resources (DWR) projections of Utah’s Water Needs and found DWR: • Lacked reliable Water Use Data. DWR does not have reliable actual local water use data and accurate water use data is critical for management. • Conservation could reduce water demand much further than DWR’s low estimates. DWR assumes water use will Continue Reading »

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CDF Water Position

Published under Uncategorized on 05/09/2015

Click Here: CDF Water Position 1. Conserve and manage our local water supplies first: be exemplary stewards of our own sources before looking elsewhere for more. 2. The Colorado River and the Lake Powell Pipeline are high risk. 3. Aquatic and riparian environments and water quality standards should to be maintained.  

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Job Opening

Published under Uncategorized on 12/08/2014

Job Opening.  Citizens for Dixie’s Future (CDF), a non-profit organization, is seeking a high energy candidate with excellent communication skills and an interest in conservation for the position of its Public Lands Conservation Program Manager. This position has overall operational responsibility for the lands program and its associated volunteer Friends Group, Full time, $30K – $40K, depending on qualifications. Continue Reading »

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Mr. Doyle’s property map

Published under Public Lands,Uncategorized on 09/08/2014

BLM has come to agreements with Mr. Carter and Mr. Brennan to buy their properties. (see map click here) Mr Doyle property map

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Western Resource Advocates Local Waters Alternative

Published under Uncategorized on 02/11/2014

WRA Local Waters Alternative LPP

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Water: Study Facts Avoid Debt – Links to WRA Local Waters Alternative and Economists Letter

Published under Uncategorized on 07/29/2013

Please review the following documents referenced by Raymond Keuhne in his July 31st article. LPP economists letter repayment Western Resource Advocates Local Waters Alternative

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