“Friends” Group Work

SUNCLF – a “friends” group for our National Conservation Lands

After the 2009 Omnibus Lands Bill, it was clear there was a continued need for work on our National Conservation Lands. While these lands now have an additional layer of protection they still face threats from invasive species, vandalism, and climate change. CDF decided for the first time, that there was a need to get involved in on-the-ground projects. In 2012, we launched a “friends group” program called Southwest Utah’s National Conservation Friends (SUNCLF) to continue stewardship of our National Conservation Lands through volunteer programs and outreach. SUNCLF works on a varied numbers of projects including:
  • Document cultural resources like petroglpyhs for research
  • Participating in outdoor education programs like Day in the Desert
  • Citizen science projects which engage local citizens in the collection of valuable information on plants, recreation, and wildlife
Please visit the SUNCLF web page for more information on volunteer programs and upcoming schedules.