Smart Growth

Will we have clean air to breathe? Enough water for our needs? Transportation choices that promote a high quality of life? An affordable cost of living, with good housing options for everyone? Open space, including natural lands, agriculture, and recreational options? Quality jobs for all of us? An educated population? Affordable energy supplies that don’t damage our air and environment? The answers to all of these questions depend on the choices we make.

At the request of Governor Gary R. Herbert, Envision Utah is facilitating the Your Utah Your Future process, a statewide conversation on growth issues. Citizens for Dixie’s Future (CDF) was appointed to the Governor’s Water Advisory Team to develop a 50-year water plan and the results will also be a component of the Your Utah, Your Future project. As Governor Herbert has said, “In Utah, we don’t believe in sitting back and seeing where growth will take us. We seek to be visionary and to actively secure our future. Together, we will develop a voluntary, locally-implemented, market-driven vision to help keep Utah beautiful, prosperous, healthy and neighborly for current residents and future generations.”

Once the options are compiled, they will go out to public state-wide and it is the job of all Utahns—it’s your job—to evaluate the choices and tell the Governor what future you’d like to see, Together we will create the Utah of the future, because a future left to chance is not a legacy we wish to leave. CDF will let you when there is an opportunity to comment and make choices on how you want our area to grow.

Sustainable development is a strategy by which communities seek economic development approaches that also benefit the local environment and quality of life. It has become an important guide to many communities that have discovered that traditional approaches to planning and development are creating, rather than solving, societal and environmental problems. Where traditional approaches can lead to congestion, sprawl, pollution and resource over consumption, sustainable development offers real, lasting solutions that will strengthen our future. Vision Dixie was a landmark process that involved elected officials and thousands of local residents in planning for a better future. The resulting 10 Vision Dixie Principles serve as a road map for a sustainable future for Washington County. Read the complete Vision Dixie Report below.