Water Conservation

CDF’s vision is conservation first before spending billions of dollars building a pipeline to an unsustainable source, the Colorado River. We advocate for efficient water use, while maintaining the natural environment and water quality.

CDF was recently appointed to the Governor’s Water Advisory Team to develop a 50-year water plan. We meet once a month in Salt Lake City. It gives CDF a way to learn what other water managers are doing on water conservation. We also sit on the Community Integrated Planning Advisory Committee (CIRPAC) to assist in guiding future water resource planning for southern Utah formed by the water district. In addition, we  have a seat on another water district water conservation committee formed to update the district’s water conservation plan and they meet once a month.

Inside the home you can save water, and money, in places where you use the most water – the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. Water-efficient devices such as dishwashers, showerheads, faucet aerators, and clothes washers can replace your older models, and will perform the same or better.  In the long run you’ll save money by using these devices because the energy and water savings are so large they’ll more than make up for the up-front costs. Your water utility may help you to identify the best water-efficient devices and offer rebates on those models. Several utilities in the West even give out efficient shower heads and faucet aerators for free. Check for rebates from your town and the water district.

Outside the home, in the yard and in other landscaped areas, drip irrigation systems and rain sensors can help prevent over watering of the landscape. And, your plants will look their best when receiving the right amount of water. The most water-efficient landscaping option is also a beautiful one – xeriscaping.  This means planting native, drought-resistant plants and colorful flowers that require very little water and thrive naturally in the arid southwestern climate – it’s definitely not rocks and concrete! Xeriscaping can also reduce the amount of time and money spent on landscape maintenance. The water district will come out and evaluate your watering system.